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Exceptional relief

If you’re of working age, receive council tax support and are having exceptional difficulty paying your council tax, you can apply for exceptional relief.

The fund is only available to help pay your council tax. 

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There is no legal right to payments, but we will look at all applications fairly and equally.  We will pay particular attention to vulnerable people when looking at applications.

Our Discretionary Financial Assistance Policy explains the background to the fund.

Apply for an exceptional relief award

Alternatively ring our benefits advice line on 0300 1234 121.  We’ll give you an appointment for an advisor to ring you back to complete the application form. 

We’ll look at your application and write to tell you about our decision. Our letter will tell you the reason for our decision and what to do if you’re not happy with it.

You will need to tell us:

  • Your National Insurance Number or Housing benefit claim number
  • About your income (and your partner's if you have one)
  • About any savings you have (and your partner's if you have one)
  • The money you pay out (and your partner if you have one)
  • About your health and any medical circumstances or disabilities that you have
  • Why you need extra help with your council tax
  • We can pay up to 100% of what is left of your council tax after council tax support
  • We will make any payment direct to your council tax
  • We will expect you to work with us to find long term solutions to your financial situation