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Council tax benefit appeals

Council Tax Benefit was a way of getting help with your Council Tax bill, before April 2013, if you had a low income.

In April 2013 Council Tax Benefit was replaced by a local government scheme called Council Tax Support.

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We may make a decision on your benefit which covers a period before April 2013.  If we do this and it affects any Council Tax Benefit you received you can still:

We follow this same process for both Council Tax Support and Council Tax Benefit decisions.

However if you want to appeal against a Council Tax Benefit decision this is treated differently.  You have a month from the date the decision was made to appeal. You can make a request after a month, but this would be a late request. For us to look at our decision again, you will need to tell us why it's late.

If we are unable to change the decision your case will be sent to the Tribunal Service where a decision will be made.  The Tribunal Service is an independent organisation and not linked to the Council.