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Appeal tribunals

Appeal Tribunals are where Housing Benefit appeals are heard.

We will send your appeal to an independent tribunal. The tribunal will take over the process from this point and will contact you to arrange the hearing.  The hearing will normally take place in either Truro or Plymouth, dependant on where you live. 

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Before attending a tribunal hearing you will be sent a pack of documents.  These confirm all the information about your appeal.

  • Tribunals are made up of up to two members, one will be a qualified person and one will be their clerk.  Neither of whom is from the council.
  • Tribunal members will be experts on the issues involved in your appeal.
  • All tribunals have a legally qualified member to help apply the law to your appeal.
  • Tribunals may also include someone with financial qualifications.
  • Usually a representative from the Council will also attend
  • The evidence, the law and the circumstances at the time we made the decision you are appealing against.
  • They cannot look at changes of circumstances that happened after we made the decision.

In the meantime, if something changes, you should report it straight away. Do not wait for the appeal hearing.

Report a change of circumstance online

The tribunal may ask you questions, and:

  • You can ask questions
  • You can take someone with you to represent you
  • You can call witnesses to give evidence to the tribunal
  • Someone from the Council may also be at the hearing. They may ask you questions and call witnesses.

If you plan to attend the hearing but find you cannot go, you must let the Tribunal know straight away. You must have a good reason why you cannot go, such as illness. You may be able to arrange another date.

If you do not let the Tribunal know you cannot go to the hearing, the tribunal may hear your appeal without you.

You can choose not to attend the hearing.  The tribunal service will give you this option when they write to you about your case.  The appeal will be heard without you and the Tribunal will send their decision to both you and the Council.

In some cases the tribunal may need you to attend the hearing, if this is the case they will tell you.

If you want to know more information about the Tribunal process or you do not agree with the Tribunal's decision, visit the Tribunal Service website.