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How do I challenge your decision

If you don’t understand our decision or you think it is wrong you can ask us to explain our decision or look at it again. 

We can change our decision where a mistake has been made or more information is provided. 

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The council must reconsider your claim before an appeal tribunal will look at your case.

I want you to explain your decision

You may not understand our decision. Decision letters can sometimes be confusing and can cover various awards such as Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support.

You can ask us to explain the decision more fully. We call this a statement of reasons request:

  • Contact us online
  • Contact us by phone on 0300 1234 121
  • Write to us at The Benefit Assessment team, PO BOX 676, Threemilestone, Truro, TR1 9EQ  to ask us to explain our decision. We will reply to this request in writing and we aim to reply within 14 days. You must sign the request yourself.

I want you to change your decision

If we’ve made a mistake or you disagree with our decision then ask us to look again.  We call this a reconsideration request.

You must ask us in writing if you want us to change our decision.  We must get your letter or online request within one month of the date of our decision letter.

What do I need to include in my request?

You can contact us online

Alternatively, you can write to the Benefit Assessment team, PO Box 676, Threemilestone, Truro, TR1 9EQ.  All decisions have a form which you can complete and return if you would prefer. 

Your letter or form should:

  • Make it clear which decision you mean.  Include the date of our decision letter and the claim reference.
  • Say clearly why you think the decision is wrong.
  • Give any further information or evidence you think we haven't got.

I still don't agree

If you’ve asked us to reconsider our decision and we have made a change and you are still unhappy you can ask us to look at the new decision again.

If you’ve asked us to reconsider our decision and we have not changed this, you can then formerly appeal against the decision.

Appeal against our decision

You must appeal against our decision within one month of the date of the new decision.

Housing Benefit appeals are sent by Cornwall Council to an independent appeal tribunal.

Council Tax Support appeals

Council Tax Support appeals are treated differently.  Details can be found on our Council Tax Support appeals page.