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Housing Benefit on two homes

We can sometimes pay Housing Benefit on both your old and your new rented home.

There are only some circumstances which allow us to consider paying Housing Benefit on two properties at the same time.  These are:

We may be able to pay benefit on two rented homes for up to a maximum of 52 weeks if you have left your home through fear of violence. This can be inside or outside your home. For example, from a family member, ex-partner, adult child or neighbour.

In reasonable circumstances and where it is unavoidable, we may be able to pay benefit on two rented homes. If either you or your partner is a student or on a training course and you receive Housing Benefit.  There is no time limit on these payments.

If you live in two houses because your family is too big to live in one, we will pay Housing Benefit on both. Although the properties don’t have to be owned by the Council, they must consider you are overcrowded and have provided the additional property because of this.

We may be able to pay Housing Benefit for up to four weeks on both your old and new home if:

  • You can’t move into your new home straight away because it is being adapted for a member of your family who is disabled, or;
  • You have had to move in to your new home before the end of the notice period on your old home, and this was unavoidable.

To claim Housing Benefit on two homes please use our online contact form.

You must provide us with the following information before we can consider this for you.

We will need to know about your old property:

  • The date you can legally stop paying rent on your old property
  • The date you told your landlord you were leaving the property
  • The date you actually moved out
  • The reason you moved and when you decided you were leaving your last address.
  • Whether the property has new tenants and if so, from what date

We will also need to know about your new property:

  • The date your new tenancy was offered to you (this may be your offer letter)
  • The date you accepted the new tenancy.
  • The date you moved into this address (you may have receipts if you used a removal firm or hired a van).
  • If you’re a student, information about your course, and an explanation of why you pay rent on two properties at the same time.