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The Insurance of Personal Effects

Should damage to personal effects occur due to negligence on the part of the Council then a claim can be pursued. It would be essential to prove the Council had been negligent before a claim can be successful.

The information given below relates to the most common queries raised.

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Handbags, purses and wallets stolen whilst left on Council premises are not covered by the Council's insurance.

Always ensure that your valuables are locked away if you must leave them.

Items left on display are an open invitation to thieves and the Council cannot be responsible for the actions of such people.  Whilst precautions are taken to ensure that the buildings are secure it can not be guaranteed.

Spectacles are not insured by the Council.  Should an employee's spectacles be damaged during the course of their duties this is not automatically covered by the Council's insurance.  Most frequently such damage occurs during playground duties or PE lessons when children are playing ball games.  The ball accidentally strikes the member of staff and knocks off their spectacles.  This is a pure accident and would not be regarded as a claim against the Council's insurance.

In view of the high cost of spectacles it is advisable to ensure they are covered by personal insurance.

The Council does not provide all risks insurance cover for employees personal effects.

If you have any queries regarding insurance matters please contact either

  • Jonathan NIblett, Risk and Insurance Manager on 01872 323813
    Adam Williams, Senior Insurance Officer on 01872 323447.