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Check to see what licences you may need

Below are some scenarios where businesses will need to apply for a licence. You can choose to decide which applications apply to your business, or take advantage of our "Licensing Direct" service where we can talk you through the licences you need to be compliant, help you with your application, or check and submit it.

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Do you intend to

You may need

01. Store, prepare, distribute, sell or supply food / drink


02. Sell or supply alcohol


03. Sell or supply hot food or drink between  11pm and 5am



04. Provide theatrical performances

05. Exhibit films

06. Provide indoor sporting

07. Provide boxing or wrestling

08. Provide live music

09. Provide recorded music

10. Provide performance of dance

11. Provide performances or demonstrations of hypnotism


12. Exhibit sexual / adult films


13. Provide performances or displays of nudity for sexual stimulation for any member of an audience (can be an audience of one)


14. Sell, hire, exchange, lend, display or demo sex articles or other things intended for use connected with, or for purposes of stimulating or encouraging sexual activity or acts of force or restraint which are associated with sexual activity.
15. Provide or Facilitate Betting, Gaming or Lotteries (includes Gaming Machines and Fundraising activities)  

Premises Licences

16. Conduct civil ceremonies, such as civil marriage and civil partnership
17. Have sports stand(s) or a sports ground


18. Permit land to be used as a caravan site or relevant protected site (i.e. park home site) or permit land to be used for camping purposes 
19. Allow children to perform or to be involved in certainactivities (incl. paid sporting, performances & rehearsals, modelling)
20. Employ Children


21. Conduct Acupuncture

22. Conduct Semi-Permanent Skin Colouring

23. Conduct Cosmetic Piercing

24. Conduct Electrolysis

25. Deal in Scrap Metal


26. Manufacture or Store Explosives (includes fireworks)


27. Store or dispense petroleum


28. Operate a Weighbridge


29. Use / Have Cooling Towers / Condensers


30. Have industrial installation or processes that have potential to cause pollution


31. Produce, process, manufacture, store, transport or distribute feed incl. any storing, producing, processing feed for feeding to animals which ultimately end up in the human food chain
32. Keep an animal boarding establishment by carrying on at premises of any nature a business of providing accommodation for other people’s cats or dogs.
33. Keep a dog breeding establishment by carrying on at any premises a business of breeding dogs for sale (by them or others)
34. Keep/possess any Dangerous Wild Animal
35. Keep a Pet Shop by carrying on at any premises (incl. private dwelling) of a business of selling animals as pets or with a view to them being sold in the course of such a business whether by the keeper or other person.
36. Keep a Riding Establishment by carrying on a business of keeping horses for either of the following purposes. The purposes of their being let out on hire for riding or of their being used in providing, in return for payment, instruction in riding.
37. Operate a Zoo where wild animals are kept for exhibition to the public (otherwise than for the purposes of a circus or in pet shop) to which members of the public have access, with / without a charge for admission
38. Exhibiting or training any Performing Animal


39. Operate from a Boat (Boatmen)


  • Boat or Boatman’s Permit. May need permit to ply for hire (Prince of Wales Pier Falmouth) email:
40. Offer or Drive  Private Hire Vehicle(s) for Pre-Bookings  


41. Operate or drive  Taxi(s) for immediate hire with or without pre-booking. 


42. Operate, provide or drive an omnibus 


43. Collect moneyor sell articles for the benefit of charitable or other purposes in any street or public place.
44. House to house collection for charitable purposes. Collection means appeal to the public, made by visits from house to house, to give, whether for consideration or not, money or other property
45. Sell or expose or offer for sale any article in a street  designated as a consent or licence street (street includes any road, footway, beach, service area or other areas to which the public have access without paying) 
46. Provide hair braiding services in certain areas of St Ives


48. Recreational Facilities on Highway (i.e. tables & chairs), use of objects, executing work on highway by persons other than councils.
49. Have Banners over or along the highway 


50. Have Bunting over or along the highway


51. Have Seasonal Lighting over or along the highway


52. Have Flower Baskets over or along the highway


53. Have Plants, Trees & Shrubs in the highway


54. Have a Flag pole erected (highway)  


55. Want to provide Water Based Activities (council asset)


56. Want to use Public Open Spaces / Council Property for  Filming or Photography


57. Want to use Public Open Spaces / Council Property for Events
58. Need a Temporary Restriction of traffic for Community Events
59. Need to Construct a Cellar (highway)


60. Skip Operators & Licences


61. Scaffolding Control


62. Depositing Building Material on the Highway


63. Temporary Excavation in the Highway


64. Hoarding Control


65. Consent for Structures over, along or under the Highway


66. Oversailing the Highway by Tower Crane


67. Private Street Works


68. Temporary Restrictions of Traffic for Works and Safety


69. Need Vehicle Crossings over Footways or verges


70. Need Parking dispensations of Waiting and Loading restrictions