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Residential Park Home Sites

The introduction of The Mobile Homes Act 2013 (the Act) provides greater protection to occupiers of residential park homes and caravans. It introduces important changes to the Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960. The changes directly affect the way the Council licenses permanent residential sites (known as relevant protected sites). 

Amongst a number of changes introduced on 1 April 2014, local authorities can now charge fees, on a cost-recovery basis, in relation to applications for new licences, transfers and amendments. An annual fee can also be charged for holding a site licence. Fees only apply to those sites that fall within the relevant protected site definition.

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The Council is required to publish a fees policy and the level of fee is based upon the estimated time and cost involved in undertaking the inspection and administrative activities involved. Cornwall Council's fee structure is set out in our Park Homes Fees Policy.

A protected site is a mobile home park which has planning permission to have residents living there as their main residence throughout the year. A holiday park isn't a protected site. An exemption from the Protected Sites description and annual licensing fee requirement is any site(s) for the sole use of the owner and their families (excluding sites that are run for financial gain).

Each Protected Site that has site rules in place must deposit those rules with the Local Authority, who will keep a Public Register of Site Rules. Site rules will be accepted and published by the Council if the correct fee is paid, the contents are consistent with legislation and that the site owner can provide evidence that the rules have been correctly consulted upon. There must also be confirmation provided that there are no outstanding appeals by residents etc.

Site rules that have been duly deposited with the Council will be published on the Council's website and available to view or download. The fee charged for depositing site rules with the Council can be found in our Park Homes Fees Policy.

View the Public Register of Site Rules

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