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You don’t need to be Cornish to appreciate Cornwall’s heritage, culture and language.  Although there are very few native speakers of the language left, great strides are being made to bring it back to classrooms, businesses and attractions across Cornwall.

If you’ve chosen Cornwall for your celebration, why not take that extra step to include some Cornish Language into your proceedings?

We’ve put together a few helpful words and phrases to wow and impress your friends and relatives on your special day in Kernow.

  • Congratulations - Keslowena
  • Happiness - Lowena
  • Marriage - Demedhyans
  • Husband - Gour
  • Wife - Gwrek
  • I love you - My a'th kar
  • Lots of love - Meur a gerensa
  • Will you marry me? - A vyn'ta demedhi genev?
  • Yes - Ya
  • Good luck! - Chons da!
  • Cheers/Good Health! - Yeghes da! (good health)