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Do I need permission?

When carrying out building work to a property the owner must meet planning rules and Building Regulations.

Building Regulations apply to most building work.  It is important to find out if you need permission. 

Building Regulations are different to planning permission.  You may need both or just one.

Exempt work

Not all building work needs building regulation permission. Full details about works that do not need permission can be found on the planning portal.

Some exempt buildings include:

  • Garages less than 30m2 set more than 1m from a boundary.
  • Garages less than 30m2 on the boundary, if made of non combustible material.
  • Buildings less than 30m2 with no sleeping accommodation 1m away from the boundary.
  • Buildings less than 30m2 with no sleeping accommodation. If on the boundary made of non combustible material.
  • A building less than 15m2 which contains no sleeping accommodation.
  • A car port. Open on two sides and less than 30m2.
  • A porch, covered way or conservatory less than 30m2. Conservatories should be wholly or partly glazed.

Find out if you need permission

To find out whether Building Regulation permission is required you can complete the form below. This is free of charge,

You can also contact us via email to discuss your proposed work.

Help, we didn't get permission for our work