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Making an application

There are two types of Building Regulation application:

  • Full Plan
  • Building Notice applications
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Submit a Building Control application online by using the form below:

Submit a Building Control application online

You can pay for your application online.

Applications for minor work can be set up over the phone.  Please phone 01872 224792 and select option 2.

A Full Plans application is suitable for all types of building work.  If you are doing work to a commercial building, you must submit a Full Plans application.  Detailed plans and a full specification of the construction are needed together with the appropriate fee.

The plans are checked by a surveyor. Any areas which do not meet the regulations will be identified and discussed with yourself or your agent. This can help avoid delays and increased costs.

Your plans will be approved if they show compliance. Sometimes we issue a conditional approval where areas are unclear or information is required from a third party.

  • you may wish to use an architect or agent
  • draw scaled plans
  • provide a location plan showing the boundary of your site edged in red
  • include a full specification
  • find out the plan charge
  • contact us if you need help or further advice

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You can use a Building Notice if you are doing simple work to a domestic building. It is the simpler of the two methods as plans and a specification are not required.  You will need to provide a location plan showing the boundary of your site edged in red.

When you have a site visit, you will need to explain about your proposed construction methods.   Building Notice fees are generally 20% more than a Full Plans application. This is because we have not viewed detailed plans in advance. 

A Building Notice application is not allowed for:

  • work to non-domestic buildings
  • holiday accommodation
  • flats which have common areas
  • where the works involve building over or within 3 metres of the public sewer on any building
  • Pay for your building control fees online
  • Telephone payments for applications on 01872 224792 press option 3
  • contact us if you need help or further advice

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If you have completed work and did not submit an application, you can apply for a regularisation certificate.  Further information is available in the guidance document below. Only Local Authority Building Control can deal with works that have already started on site.

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Your application must revert to the Local Authority if:

  • you have used a private 'Approved Inspector' for your building project and
  • the work has already started and they are unable to continue

Examples of when this may happen could be:

  • when the Approved Inspector has failed to get insurance.
  • if an Approved Inspector ceases trading.
  • when there are unresolved issues/contraventions on site.

Only the Local Authority Building Control team can approve work.  The work cannot transfer to another Approved Inspector.

To submit a reversion application, please contact the Building Control team to arrange a site visit so the work and charges can be assessed

Our ESconsult team can provide a range of testing and assessment services to help you meet the Building Regulations.

Services provided include:

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Charges are payable for all applications unless providing facilities for disabled persons.

Our charges are set on a cost recovery basis. Standard charges cover most types of building work.

For any charges queries please ring 01872 224792 press option 2 for advice.

  • Pay for your building control fees online. If we have sent you an invoice. Please select sundry debtors from the list of payments. You will need your invoice number.
  • Telephone payments for applications on 01872 224792 press option 3

Hints and tips

  • Familiarise yourself with our Scheme of Charges. This document will also help you complete the work type and category of work questions. Please note that our non-domestic charges are not published online. Please refer to the Scheme of Charges.
  • Bespoke charges must be entered as the net amount.
  • Registered users - Recommended for frequent users. Once registered your details will be retained.  It gives you the option of being able to save and exit your application form any stage of the process. You will also be able to access completed and draft submissions.
  • Please contact the Technical Support team if you need help when trying to apply.
  • Familiarise yourself with the Building control and ESconsult privacy policy.

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