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How we buy consultancy

Cornwall Council has appointed Bloom (formerly known as NEPRO) to act as a neutral vendor (like a broker) for the purchasing of consultancy services. This is to enable the Council to have an effective and efficient means of engaging suppliers in line with business need. 

What does consultancy cover?

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Consultancy services provide specialist skills that the Council needs from time to time, typically for short term, project based activity.  They include things like legal services, marketing services, IT services, project management expertise etc.  Some of these specialist services are regulated by a trade association and may involve the staff of the supplier holding a license or accreditation. The Council normally needs these skills to meet proper quality or legal standards, or for discrete, time limited pieces of work where the skills or capacity doesn’t exist in-house or where it would be more expensive to have staff with these skills permanently on our books.  In common with all Local Authorities, we only spend a small fraction of our total third party procurement on these services, but this is still a substantial sum. 

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Why work with Bloom?

Bloom acts on behalf of many local authorities and other public sector bodies and has a track record of delivering a managed buying service with benefits to both parties. For more information please see the “Why work with Bloom?” page.

What are the benefits of using Bloom? 

There are a variety of benefits to using Bloom for both the Council and for suppliers of professional services.  These include reduced transaction costs yet still allowing us to do business with small, local suppliers. For more information please see the “What are the benefits of using Bloom?” page.

How does Bloom work?

Suppliers need to be registered and accredited by Bloom in order to be invited to take part in competitions for Council professional services contracts. For more information please see the "How does Bloom work?” page.

Where can I go for information and support on Bloom?

Adil Hussain is the Account Manager from Bloom for Cornwall. To contact him please email:   For more information please see the “Where can I go for more information and support on Bloom?” page.