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What are the benefits of using Bloom?

There are a variety of benefits to using Bloom for both the Council and for suppliers of professional services. 

For the Council:

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  • It maintains or reduces the transaction costs of working with a very large base of suppliers
  • Bloom still allows us to do business with small, local suppliers
  • It reduces costs of administering our own frameworks where existing compliant routes to market exist
  • It allows access to a wide range of suppliers across a range of specialist areas.

For suppliers:

  • It ensures access for local SMEs to consultancy opportunities with the council
  • It enables continued sign up of organisations on a rolling basis
  • It enables access to a wider suite of opportunities with the other 130 Councils and public sector bodies who use Bloom to source their consultancy and or professional services, 13 of which are in the South West region
  • It reduces the administrative burden of submitting tenders and bids through a streamlined e-tendering system. 
  • It offers a simplified procurement process.