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Where can I go for more information and support on Bloom?

If you are interested in becoming a supplier of professional services to the Council via Bloom, go to Pro-vide, to first register and then complete your accreditation.  You can also look at some answers to Frequently Asked Questions on the Bloom website to help you get started.  

To achieve accreditation, you will need to provide a case study for each category of professional service that you wish to offer, but you can start with a single category and expand from there later, if you wish. It will help you to think about these case studies in advance and to make contact with potential referees to assist with the accreditation process.

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Register on Pro-vide

If your query is about Bloom and it has not been answered, or you would like more information about the Council's future buying intentions for professional services or consultancy, then you can contact the Bloom representative for Cornwall via