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Why work with Bloom?

Bloom acts on behalf of over 130 local authorities and other public sector bodies with a track record of delivering a managed buying service with benefits to both parties.  Our use of Bloom is fully compliant with the UK Public Contract Regulations 2015 through our Associate membership of NEPO, who are a Central Purchasing Body as defined in those regulations.

The Council is using Bloom to procure its consultancy requirements, where arrangements for buying these services aren’t already in place. It should be noted that this does not include construction consultancy as the Council has an existing framework agreement for the provision of those specific services.  See a full list of the other consultancy categories available through Bloom.

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Bloom is now the default route for purchasing consultancy services that sit outside of our existing framework agreements. However, it is also possible that where funding or other requirements dictate, some opportunities will be tendered through the Council’s standard e-tendering arrangements known as Due North.

Whether the route is Due North or Bloom, where the value of the requirements exceed £25,000 the Council will endeavour to post a notice about its requirements on the Government’s Contracts Finder website.