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Economy and Culture Strategy

The Economy and Culture Strategy is a framework for the Council’s approach to economic development; it is a statement of the Council’s strategic intent linked to both established and developing delivery mechanisms.

The document sets out a vision: A confident, resilient Cornwall that is a leader in innovative business and low carbon technologies, increasing self sufficiency for communities and individuals with a focus on six strategic issues and the action programmes required to tackle them.

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The Economy and Culture Strategy endorses the current direction of travel for our economic interventions which set out to improve the lives and fortunes of the people of Cornwall. Key impacts and outcomes sought from delivery of the strategy:

  1. An economy that is resilient and draws upon our strengths
  2. Economic progress that has positive outcomes for people and supports and improved quality of life
  3. Responsible use of the natural environment as a key economic asset
  4. More local people employed in prosperous businesses
  5. An increase in skill levels, offering opportunities for higher incomes
  6. Business inter-connectivity supporting business and employment growth
  7. A vibrant busines base where business can innovate and flourish
  8. An exemplar Council, leading in the areas of business friendly procurement, planning, regulation and using our economic footprint to support local business

There are six issues to pursue if we are to deliver the impacts above:

Business Transformation

  • Provide the conditions for business-led growth
  • Support innovation and promote a culture of enterprise to increase productivity
  • Support business resilience

Cornwall Connectivity

  • Inter-connectivity and collaboration of businesses in Cornwall and beyond
  • Strategic 'gateway' opportunities which promote connectivity between Cornwall and 'the world' to attract and retain high value business
  • Sustainable movement within and between places throughout the whole of Cornwall, to support employment growth

Creativity and cultural heritage

  • Grow high quality creative and cultural industries
  • Achieve cultural distinction and be recognised as a leading rural region in this area
  • Archive excellent community and social engagement

Employment and skills

  • Provide leadership for the development of employment and skills
  • Enable growth through business skills development
  • Promote and enable economic inclusion across Cornwall
  • Encourage progression into the labour market and progression through the labour market


  • Invest in Cornwall, fighting for Cornish jobs and business
  • Work effectively with the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership
  • Use European funding effectively and strategically
  • Maximise the Council's capacity to promote the economy

Low Carbon Economy

  • Promote Cornwall as a ‘green’ exemplar region
  • Develop the commercial potential of cutting edge, renewable energy and environmental technologies
  • Promote low carbon as a business growth catalyst
  • Energy efficiency for business and communities
  • Deliver the economic potential of a decentralised local energy market

The Strategy is supported by an evidence base.