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Pydar Regeneration Project

Pydar will put the community back into the heart of Truro. It will create a neighbourhood where people will enjoy living, working and visiting.

The exciting redevelopment is one of the council’s most important projects. It will create a lively new community fit for the future. This is what local people told us they want including new homes and 500 jobs.

The four-hectare site covers the area from the River Allen up to Pydar and from the Viaduct down towards the Cathedral. It includes the old Carrick District Council offices as well as the Viaduct car park and some businesses including Truro Bowl.

For more information of map of the area covered by the Pydar Regeneration Project.

Pydar will bring about new ways of living, learning, working and playing. It will put the community back into the heart of Truro. It will also be a new neighbourhood where everyone can enjoy visiting. There will be lots of opportunities to work, study and enjoy. It will be built in a way which will provide a clean and green environment, with lots of trees and green spaces. It will also be using cleaner sources of energy.

It will show the very best of Cornwall including:

  • brand new digital technology
  • high-growth, high-value businesses
  • People continuing traditional skills and industries.

It will be home to new housing, where people of different ages can live next to each other in a new neighbourhood. It will help Truro based and other businesses in Cornwall do well.

It will make more use of the river and also offer an attractive range of things to visit such as:

  • cafes
  • bars
  • restaurants
  • indoor activities
  • other events and activities.

It will focus on providing energy efficient and low-cost buildings. People will be encouraged to walk, cycle and use public transport. Plants and trees will be used to make sure Pydar will be fit for the future and ready for changes to our climate.

It will become a destination for all who love Cornwall and for visitors to seek to explore central Truro. There will be lots going on during the day and into the evening creating a ‘buzz’ which will help support Truro's economy.

Pydar is one of the first places where lots of things we can expect to see in neighbourhoods of the future, will be included.

The redevelopment of Pydar is for everyone – one and all.

Click here for the full Vision Document [link to pdf – provided separately]

Do you want to find out more about the application? Please visit the Online Planning Register and enter the planning reference number PA20/00963 in the search bar.

We are waiting for them to make their decision. We expect a decision in early January 2021.

In early, October surveys and tests started on site by one of our contractors. They were taking samples and digging holes to check the condition of the soil across the site. These surveys have now finished and we are looking at the results.

The team has been working on this exciting project for some time. We have met with and listened to ideas from lots of local people and groups. This has helped us understand what you think is important. We held some big consultation events including through the “Love Truro” events.

At the moment, the team is waiting to hear the decision on the outline planning application. The next stage will then be to go back to Cornwall Council for a decision before Spring 2021.

Also in 2021 there will be more work in getting approvals and drawing more detailed plans. Work will also start to prepare the site by taking down the existing buildings.

We will keep you up to date with progress on this page.

The Pydar project is being led by Treveth on behalf of Cornwall Council who own the whole of the site.

Treveth and Cornwall Council are the main lead organisations for this project. Other companies also form the wider project team. They provide special skills to ensure the designs are of the best possible quality.

If you’d like to find out more about the project, email the Pydar Project Team

You can also write to us at Mark O’Brien, Community Link Officer, 3E County Hall, Treyew Road, Cornwall, TR1 3AY

The former Hardy’s Carpet Unit on St Clement's Street has been turned into a short-term community space. This is whilst regeneration plans are being developed. This is part of the Pydar Regeneration Project. Funding for Pydar Pop-up came from Cornwall Council.

Find out more about this exciting community space and how to book at Truro Bid Website.