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Weights and measures

Weights and Measures information and guides for businesses can be found on the Business Companion website which allow you to download a pdf copy of each guide.

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Trading Standards inspect equipment used to weigh or measure goods sold by businesses. Using accurate equipment protects both buyers and sellers from financial loss. Small losses on each transaction can soon mount up in busy periods. Some companies prefer the reassurance of a more frequent regular check. This will be at a convenient time for your business.

Trading Standards are able to provide inspection and verification services for:

  • Petrol Pumps.
  • Weighing Scales used in shops including Post Offices, industrial premises and factories, coal merchants, fishing scales used by angling clubs, and airports
  • Weighbridges including private and public use & platform machines in factories
  • Vehicle brake testers
  • Optics and measuring thimbles in restaurants, public houses and bars
  • Length measures used for carpets, fabrics, curtains, horses etc.
  • Scales used for foods which are sold pre-packed as well as loose including self-service tills in supermarkets


Trading Standards regularly:

  • Check goods sold for the accuracy of any quantity markings.
  • Advise businesses about relevant legislation and the suitability of systems and equipment they are using to achieve compliance.


Accurate equipment alone is no guarantee in an unsuitable system. If you need legal or technical help to help you get the best from your process we may be the people to ask.

If your business weighs items for the public, for example, vehicles brought to a weighbridge, the person doing the weighing needs a certificate from the Council. You can apply for a Weighbridge Operators Licence.

For further information and pricing please contact us on 0300 1234 212 or email