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Where can I borrow money legally?

If you need a loan, always go to a licensed lender. There are reputable lenders who will consider your situation even if your income is low, your credit rating is poor, you have no security, or you need only a small amount for a short while. You may still have to pay a high rate of interest but the Consumer Credit Act will safeguard your loan agreement.

Always shop around for credit though - just because a lender is licensed it doesn't necessarily mean you are getting the best available deal.

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If you're on a low income and you need to borrow a small amount for a short time, look into borrowing from a credit union. Credit unions are 'mutual' organisations, which exist to help local people save and borrow at affordable rates.

Your local Benefits Office (Department for Work and Pensions) is also empowered to make emergency payments if your personal circumstances require it.