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Gas Cooker Safety Warning

Gas cookers, manufactured by BEKO prior to 2009, were identified as posing a serious safety risk in circumstances where the grill is operated with the grill door closed. In such circumstances there is a serious risk of carbon monoxide build-up, which may in turn result in carbon monoxide poisoning. This particular safety issue has already led to the deaths of a number of consumers across the UK and Ireland, including two people from Cornwall in 2010.

A safety warning issued by BEKO warns that cooker models, manufactured prior to 2009, may also pose a serious safety risk if they have been converted to LPG (bottled gas) after purchase, by way of an LPG conversion kit.

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Anyone that has one of the affected models, which has not already received the free safety modification, is urged to contact BEKO on free phone 0800 917 2018 (UK) or 1800 25 29 25 (Ireland). For more detailed information as to the specific models affected, please read the safety warning that has been issued by BEKO on the BEKO website.


Affected models include; BEKO, Leisure, Flavel and Flavel Milano.