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Community Network Highways Scheme

Since April 2018, each Community Network has been provided an annual budget of £50,000. This has been to deliver their priorities for local highway improvement schemes.  Below is a list of the schemes completed in the Falmouth and Penryn Community Network Area.

Flushing - Passing Place and Pedestrian Safety

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There have been two separate schemes in Flushing. These have resulted in less congestion and have increased pedestrian safety on St Peters Hill.

Parking in Flushing has been an issue for many years. One of the schemes has altered the line of the kerb and increased the width of the carriageway. This now allows a passing place for cars. The second scheme has provided two bollards which have been installed. These stop cars mounting the pavement and protect pedestrians walking on the pavement.

Scheme 1:

Scheme 2:

There have been issues for cars at the Pendennis Rise/Castle Drive junction due to increased parking along Castle Drive. This has caused visibility issues for cars at the Pendennis Rise/Castle Drive junction.

The scheme has provided ‘No Waiting at Any Time’ double yellow lines along this section of the junction. This has dispersed the parking and resulted in increased visibility for drivers.

Residents raised concerns about the safety of pedestrians on Kernick Road, due to the speed of vehicles travelling along the road.

As the image below demonstrates, the VAS is being effective in advising motorists of the speed limit along this section of the road.