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Emergency Plans

Planning for emergencies is an important and large part of our work. Every plan is updated and revised through multi-agency exercises and testing. If a plan is activated, a debrief will take place to ensure key learning points are identified. These are then incorporated into emergency response planning in the future.

Risks to a community are looked at within our local resilience area. And maintained in a document entitled the Community Risk Register. Our Devon, Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Resilience Forum (LRF) is the group covering this. This LRF develop and maintain local LRF Multi Agency Plans which we assist in. We also write our own Cornwall Council plans.

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Some of these plans include:

  • Community Emergency Plan
  • Newquay Airport
  • Newlyn Downs Explosive Site
  • Mass Casualty Plan
  • Devonport Dockyards
  • Flood plans
  • Ports and Harbour emergency plans
  • Wheal Jane mine
  • CC High Risk Flood Response Plans
  • CC Emergency Mortuary Plan
  • CC Coastal Counter Pollution Plan
  • CC Rest Centre Plan
  • CC Gas Pipeline Plan

Once the Resilience and Emergency Management team has been informed about an emergency, they will discuss the need to escalate the management of the situation with:

  • internal services
  • the external lead agency (if applicable)
  • other organisations

If the situation needs further discussion and planning, a Tactical Co-ordinating Group (TCG) meeting can be arranged.

The TCG will consist of people from relevant Council services as well as external. These include the:

  • Police
  • Environment Agency
  • Met Office
  • Coastguard, etc.

dependent on the nature of the emergency.