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Humanitarian Assistance and Evacuations

The Resilience and Emergency Management (REM) team will find an appropriate form of shelter for people who are unable to stay in their homes in Cornwall due to an emergency. For example, during floods or fires when evacuated from their homes.

During an evacuation people are usually directed to a shelter or rest centre. This could be a village hall, leisure centre or community centre. The REM team hold a database of buildings spread all over Cornwall and can be opened at any time of day.

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If overnight accommodation is needed this can be arranged in one of these buildings. Bedding, refreshments, medication etc will be organised. It is intended that, whenever possible, more suitable overnight accommodation will be sourced. This will depend on the number of evacuees and the type of incident. For example, it may be safer to keep everyone where they are rather than transport them to other areas.

The REM team can contact Faith representatives to assist in a rest centre. The Faith Response Team provide a voluntary group. They can respond in an emergency to give pastoral, spiritual or practical help to those who need it.

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