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Fire Risk Assessment

If you're responsible for a building, it’s important to do all you can to reduce the risk of fire to keep people safe. It saves lives, it’s your legal duty, and it makes good business sense. 

What is a Fire Risk Assessment?

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A careful look at your premises and the people who use them, from a fire prevention perspective. It’s about understanding the potential risks, then improving your fire safety precautions to keep people safe.

Completing a Fire Risk Assessment

Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, the responsible person must carry out, or appoint a competent person to carry out a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment. This must include the risks of fire to their employees, and others who may be affected by their work or business.

If your company or business employs five or more employees you must keep a formal written record of any significant findings and remedial measures which have, or may need to be taken.  This page provides a guide on how to carry out a fire risk assessment and what you may need to consider.

Finding a Competent Fire Risk Assessor

The level of competence required to complete a fire risk assessment depends on the size and complexity of the premises.

In all of the situations it is essential the responsible person shows “due diligence” by ensuring the person is competent. Competence is a mix of experience, education and training and so these factors should be checked before contracting anyone to carry out a fire risk assessment.

The guide provides advice on finding a specialist person or body, and identifies the certificating bodies that operate registration schemes.

Third Party Certification

To help companies and business owners make informed decisions about who they should employ to assist them in managing their fire safety (eg fire risk assessments, fire alarms and portable fire extinguishers) third party accreditation systems have been developed.  Our guide can help you identify which companies met an industry standard to carry out the work you are employing them to do.

Fire Risk Assessment Template

The templates provided will give you an example of a fire risk assessment and illustrates some of the areas you should consider. It must be stressed that these templates are only a guide, and you must ensure that your risk assessment is suitable and sufficient.

Note: Using our risk assessment template and guidance does not automatically demonstrate compliance with the law.