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Community Award

The Community Safety Award is aimed at 14-18 year olds

How it works

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There are 5 activities; all 5 are compulsory to gain the Community
Safety Award. Activities can be undertaken either at home or in the group.

Gain the Neighbourhood Award

  • Complete a 10 minute presentation of what should be included within a house hold grab bag with an explanation of why (within your group or to another section/Uniformed Youth Organisation).
  • Understand and explain why a house and its occupants should have an emergency plan, where it should be kept and what should be in it.
  • Produce a leaflet/handout on what to do in an emergency (you may pick any emergency, ie snow, flood, heat wave or disease).
  • Find out about an International Agency based in the UK that is involved in Disaster Relief, have a discussion within your group about the work they do. Relay the findings from this discussion to another section, at the appropriate level for that section.
    • Disease, there are two types for you to look into; Human and Animal. What control measures would you implement to minimise the spread of human diseases.
    • Name three events that have affected the British economy due to Animal Diseases. What were they, how were they spread and controlled and what the impact on the economy was?

We have provided a handout of the requirements to gain the Community Safety Award below: 

Download the Community Safety Award worksheet