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Neighbourhood Award

The Community Safety Neighbourhood Award is aimed at 10-14 year olds. Activities can be undertaken either at home or in the meeting place. Each activity has a page consisting of information on safety relating to the activity and a task to perform.

How it works:

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There are 15 activities (examples below). The first 3 are compulsory and you must complete another 5 to gain the award. Activities can be undertaken either at home or in the meeting place. 

Gain the Neighbourhood Award


  • Produce a complete house hold grab bag, including relevant copies of documents which might be needed. What supplies would you prepare i.e. if you were stranded due to snow, flood or in a heat wave.
  • Put together a list of all your local radio stations with their relevant frequencies. Complete a list of useful phone numbers. Have you and/or your parents/guardians got an In Case of Emergency (ICE) in your/their mobile phone.
  • Write a generic home/meeting place emergency plan; including escape routes, hazards and how you would overcome them. Incorporate in your plan what additional actions you would take if you had pets.

Select 5 activities below to complete the award:

  • Highlight how many vulnerable people live close to your home/meeting place.
  • What is an emergency, who would you contact and how for different types of emergencies.
  • Visit or identify a major hazard site near your home/meeting place i.e. gas pipe lines, overhead power cables, Military sites, Ports/harbours, flood areas (or any other site agreed with you peer group).
  • What practicable steps could you take to minimise viral disease spread i.e. Flu or animal disease. (Pick one of the two)
  • What practicable steps could you take within your community to assist vulnerable people if your community was cut off by snow, flood, long term power cut or any other incident agreed by your peer group.
  • What are the visible signs of coastal pollution, name a few recent incidents. Which service would you notify when dialling 999 or 112.
  • Name three events when you would, and explain what is meant  by “Go in, Stay in and Tune in” (Log On). Name two events when you would, and explain what is meant by, “Get out and Stay out and dial 999 or 112″.
  • What measures would you take to minimise a potential hazard risk within your home/meeting place.
  • Visit an industry or organisation that has their own emergency plan, get them to talk about what considerations they had to take into account to formulate their plan i.e., Police, local authority, Fire Brigade, Ambulance Service, Environment Agency, Highways Agency, event organisers, harbours/ports or any other place agreed by your peer group.
  • What is the most common type of emergency likely to hit your home/meeting place?
  • What flood Warnings does the Environment Agency issue, and what do they mean.
  • What Warnings does the Met Office issue, and what do they mean?

We have provided a handout of the requirements to gain the Home Community Safety Award below: 

Download the Neighbourhood Community Safety Award handout