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Oxygen Users

People who use oxygen in their homes for medical reasons are encouraged to arrange a free home fire safety check.

Is it safe to use oxygen at home?

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Yes. however you must use it safely and as instructed to reduce the risk of injury. Oxygen is a fire hazard, especially if you or anyone else in your home smokes.

Limit the risk of a fire if you smoke

Follow safety measures to keep you and your family/ carers safe: 

  • Never smoke, or let anyone else smoke in the same room as you, while you are using the equipment. Put up no smoking signs, and be aware of people smoking near you if you are using your oxygen outside of your home.
  • Keep oxygen at least six feet (two metres) away from flames or heat sources such as gas cookers, paraffin or gas heaters, candles, cigarettes, cigars and fireplaces. 
  • Do not use flammable products, such as cleaning fluid, paint thinner, petroleum based creams or aerosols, while you are using oxygen.
  • Keep oxygen cylinders upright and make sure they are maintained.
  • When travelling make sure the cylinders do not fall over and get damaged. Ask your supplier for transport box.
  • If you have portable (ambulatory) oxygen, make sure you have an oxygen sticker for your car in case you are in an accident.
  • Ensure you have smoke/fire alarms within your home that are in working order.

Cornwall Fire, Rescue and Community Safety Service offer free home fire safety checks. To help us determine if you are eligible for a visit, please complete the home fire safety check short survey. If you are eligible an officer will contact you and arrange a convenient time to visit your home. Please be aware that there is a waiting list in place.