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Community emergency plan toolkit

Our toolkit provides practical support to help your community plan ahead. and become better prepared for emergencies. It draws on the experiences of other communities that have taken steps to prepare for emergencies. As well as information from professional partners

Here is a short video about Community Emergency Plans explaining what they and why they are important.

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The toolkit can help you find solutions to common problems and save time. It can ensure your community volunteers are trained, insured and equipped to carry out their role in a safe and responsible way.

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Support from Cornwall Council, the Environment Agency and community groups to help you plan ahead for the risks your community may face
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A template for a community emergency plan covering a range of risks, including flooding
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Possible sources of training for community emergency plan volunteers
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Make sure safety equipment for volunteers reflects the risks identified and the level of risk the volunteers face
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Insurance and legal cover for volunteers
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Possible sources of funding for community emergency plans
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