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Community emergency plan equipment

Community emergency plans may identify equipment and resources that are already held in the community and could be used to respond to an emergency.  This can be anything from shovels to diggers.

Some communities purchase specific equipment to be used only in an emergency and provide a package of equipment for their volunteers.  Others don’t provide any specific equipment for volunteers.

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If you do provide equipment, it’s important to ensure that it’s well maintained and that people are trained to use it properly.

The equipment should reflect the risks identified and the level of risk the volunteers face.  Organised volunteers should have appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE) that’s fit for purpose.  In most instances volunteers will have their own suitable footwear and clothing, but it’s a good idea to provide them with high visibility clothing such as a vest or jacket.  These usually have ‘FLOOD WARDEN’ or similar printed on the back to make the volunteers easy to identify.