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Community emergency plan template

A community emergency plan is a written document detailing the steps your community will take before, during and after an emergency incident. It helps you to manage local activities to reduce the risk to people and property in your community.

Your community emergency plan can deal with specific emergency incidents like flooding, snow or fire.  Or it can be a general emergency plan to cover any event.

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There is no right or wrong way to create a community emergency plan, but a template is a good place to start as it will help ensure you’ve covered key issues.

Cornwall Council’s community emergency plan template is a good starting point for your community emergency plan. It covers a range of risks, including flooding.  There's also a version of the template with guidance on how to complete it.

The GOV.UK website includes guidance on preparing for flooding and extreme weather conditions for community groups, businesses and individuals.

The Cabinet Office offers a selection of community resilience resources and tools to help you start your community emergency plan. It includes a guide on preparing for emergencies for communities, a community emergency plan toolkit and a community emergency plan template.

The Community emergency plan groups page has links to community emergency plans created by other communities in Cornwall. You may be able to adapt one of these, create your own plan based on elements from several different plans or contact the community resilience groups to find out more about how they developed their plans.