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Turn Around Don't Drown

Safer Cornwall, has launched a new multi-agency campaign in a bid to warn drivers of the dangers of driving through floodwater.

The ‘Turn Around Don’t Drown’ initiative aims to raise awareness of how dangerous floodwater can be, with the shocking message that it takes as little as 60cm of standing water to float a car and under 30cm of flowing water to push a car off the road.

We saw a 400% increase in flood calls in 2012/13 affecting large parts of the county and hope that this campaign will raise awareness of the dangers encountered when driving or walking in floodwater.

If the water does not appear very deep, the road surface below could be damaged; flooding often causes damage to the layer below the tarmac resulting in the road collapsing when the weight of a vehicle passes over it.

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Please download the turn around, don't drown flyer.