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Fitness ('bleep') test

Fitness Recruitment and Selection Guidance - A guide to applicants to help improve fitness levels.

Bleep Test (Shuttle Run)

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The national firefighter selection (NFS) physical tests can be demanding for candidates who do not have a good level of fitness. Therefore, before progressing applicants to the NFS physical tests, we assess candidates' aerobic fitness using a multi-stage shuttle run test, also known as a "bleep test".

You will be required to run back and forth between two lines 20 metres apart, maintaining a pace set by an audio cassette. The pace increases at one minute intervals throughout the test.  The test finishes if you do not keep pace with the cassette or you reach a pre-determined target. The required level to reach is level 8.8, this equates to approximately 1.5km in 10 minutes. The test ends when the candidate reaches this level or is unable to keep up with the signals after relevant allowances have been made.

Reason for the Test

The test is recognised as a good measure of a person’s aerobic fitness and stamina.  Applicants who do not reach the required standard would not be fit enough to pass the medical examination or start a firefighter’s course.

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