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Crowdfunding supports not for profit organisations, individuals and groups to make a difference in their local communities.

Crowdfunding allows individuals, groups and communities to source funding for socially valuable projects via their local residents as well as being topped up via a number of different funding streams from Cornwall Council.

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If you are trying to get a project off the ground in regards to environmental growth, adult social care or other community outreach projects read on to find out how you could benefit from our partnership Crowdfund Cornwall platform.

Last year this platform has helped to raise nearly £100,000 for Cornish community projects, with Cornwall Council contributing £10,452 to that total.

There are three funds that you can access via Cornwall Council and Crowdfund Cornwall. Firstly there is the Grow Nature Seed Fund  which supports projects to improve community environments and green spaces. The second fund accessible via Crowdfunding is the Community Chest Fund. This fund is distributed by Cornwall Councillors for projects and schemes that benefit local communities. Finally, the new Cornwall Social Inclusion Fund supports projects to help tackle loneliness and isolation in Cornish communities.

Find out more on the Crowdfund Cornwall web pages or take a look at the below pages for fund specific information.