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Digital Champions

Becoming a Digital Champion

Our Digital Inclusion Team need your help to tackle the ever growing number of people within our community who are yet to be provided with any support developing their essential digital skills. There are currently 69,000 people in Cornwall who have yet to even switch on a computer, it would take our small and dedicated team 144 years to get everyone online if we do it alone!

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Digital Champion’s play a crucial role in helping these people to develop their skills and confidence when using digital technology, enabling them to do many things such as use email to keep in touch with friends and family, take advantage of online services or even save money.

Digital Champions are not IT experts, they are people in communities around Cornwall who have a little spare time to help others use the internet.

You can become a Digital Champion and inspire others to make the most of life online. We will support you with training and ensure that you have the confidence and knowledge to be able to support your local community with their digital skills. We will provide you with the training needed to support people on a one to one basis or help small groups. If you would like to find out more please contact us to discuss how you could become a Digital Champion for Cornwall.

We are keeping in contact with our Digital Champions by sending out monthly newsletters with all sorts of different information.  From getting your digital skills up to speed or where to go for a great view of Cornwall.  Different content each month.  Please have a look below at our newsletters so far...