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Village Works

The Digital Inclusion Team is happy to announce that we will be working alongside colleagues from Inclusion Cornwall as a sub provider on the innovative Village Works Project.

Village Works is an action research project funded by the European Social Fund, and will bring together local organisations including Cornwall Rural Community Charity, disAbility Cornwall and Kernow Credit Union working to generate solutions to common problems affecting the most vulnerable residents of working age in rural coastal villages in three target areas of Bude, Camelford and Helston and the Lizard.

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A typical participant will have a lack of support from family or friends, or none, and feel very isolated with, what would appear, any way of accessing help. Because these residents are so isolated they may not have the knowledge, experience or understanding of how to ensure their own basic life needs. This may often mean that they are unemployed, have a limited income, live in poor accommodation and struggle with accessing healthy food, heating and other basics required for healthy living and wellbeing.  

Over the next three years Village Works will seek to develop sustainable, replicable methods that support people to progress along a Life Ladder into personal and skills development opportunities encouraging them towards employment, training and job search programmes. 

A lack of basic digital skills can have a huge negative impact on a person’s life, leading to:

  • poorer health outcomes and a lower life expectancy,
  • increased loneliness and social isolation,
  • less access to jobs and education.

It can mean:

  • paying more for essentials,
  • financial exclusion
  • an increased risk of falling into poverty.

What’s more, it’s those already at a disadvantage - through age, education, income, disability, or unemployment - who are most likely to be missing out, further widening the social inequality gap

Our Digital Inclusion Officers will be supporting the Village Works participants to develop the basic digital skills they need to access information, resources and systems to improve daily living and build self-confidence.

Inclusion Cornwall will be collecting information from participants of the Village Works project. Please read the Village Works Privacy Policy.

Village Works is part funded by The European Social Fund.