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Cornwall Council Completed Comprehensive Impact Assessments

Comprehensive Impact Assessments (CIA) are a key tool for managers. They help to improve services from an equality and diversity perspective.  If used effectively, they should enable the better promotion of equality. They should also help prevent discrimination. 

Used correctly, CIAs should help the Council

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  • put right inequalities
  • increase public confidence and
  • serve all sections of the community according to their circumstances and needs

Done badly, or not at all, there are significant risks relating to:

  • compliance with legal requirements
  • compliance with Council policy
  • wasted opportunities for making improvements

Please follow the links in the menu to view the completed Comprehensive Impact Assessments for each service.

CIAs replaced the older Equality Impact Assessments (EIA). Some of the previous EIAs are still valid and will also be shown on these pages.