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Cornwall Council Equality and Diversity Documents - Policies, Plans and Strategies

Cornwall Council Equality and Diversity Framework

This Framework will help us deliver our challenging and ambitious improvement programme.  You can also view the following versions of the corporate equality and diversity framework:

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We take great pride in Cornwall.

It is a place of outstanding natural environment and strong communities.  We have strong relationships with our partners. This will stand us in good stead to develop, support and deliver good public services.

The Framework sets out how we will promote Equality of Opportunity.

This is through our political leadership and management structures. We also know that policies are only as good as the actions which come out of them.

We will measure;

  • the impact and effectiveness of the Equality and Diversity Framework
  • and its associated policies

This is so that you can be sure we keep our promises.

Our Equality and Diversity work agenda is regularly reviewed. This makes sure that we are working towards meeting our vision for Cornwall. It also ensures that we are flexible in our approach to meeting new challenges.

We will continue to work with our partners and the wider community. This will ensure that Cornwall continues to be a cohesive and inclusive community with improved service outcomes for all. 

We use the results of employee surveys and residents surveys to help inform our work and strategies.

This Equality of Opportunity Policy hows how Cornwall Council intends to:

  • promote equality
  • tackle discrimination and harassment

We should have an Equality of Opportunity Policy for the following reasons:

  • Oppression, disadvantage and discrimination exist in society;
  • Some people are unfairly denied equal access to services or employment (or both);
  • Discrimination and disadvantage have undermined the quality of life for many people in Cornwall; and
  • People often experience multiple-discrimination.

This Equality of Opportunity Policy demonstrates our commitment to put this imbalance right. It will help us to make sure that everyone has equal access to services and employment. It will also help us to raise the quality of life of everyone who lives and works in Cornwall.

Equality Objectives for Cornwall were set in 2017.

The Equality Objectives set out what we need to do as partners, together, to progress the equality and diversity agenda in Cornwall to:

  • Reduce inequality and/or promote equality of opportunity in Cornwall
  • Foster good relations between the people of Cornwall