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Keep safe for parents

Newquay Safe top tips for parents of young people visiting Newquay unaccompanied.

Cornwall Council and the Cornwall Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) advise parents against allowing young people to come to Cornwall on holiday unaccompanied.

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Parents have a legal duty of care towards their children and should ensure that if young people are holidaying unaccompanied that they can demonstrate that they have taken measures to ensure their safety and discharged their parental responsibilities appropriately.

We have an important message for parents who don’t appreciate the risks of giving their children alcohol or leaving their children alone with alcohol - even beer: Being a parent brings tough responsibilities these days. The best choice is the one that keeps your child safe. Giving your underage child alcohol to drink with friends is not only irresponsible but also illegal.

The Demos think-tank that focusses on power and politics have recently published a pamphlet on the root causes of binge drinking. The pamphlet titled 'Under the Influence' investigates how far parenting style affects children's drinking behaviour in later life. Their research shows that parenting style is one of the most statistically reliable influences on a child’s drinking patterns in adolescence and adulthood: Tough love – parenting which combines affection with firm boundaries – results in children being less likely to have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol in later life.

Talking to your children about alcohol?

If your child is aged under 18 and you do decide to allow them to go on holiday unaccompanied the Drinkaware Parents... talking to your kids about alcohol webpage has some really useful information to help you have a conversation.

Watch the Drinkaware interactive video to help you with awkward questions your child might ask about alcohol:

Here are a few things you can do to help them take care of themself:

  • Talk to them about alcohol and the risks involved in drinking. 
  • Talk to them about respect for themselves.
  • Talk to them about respecting other people.
  • Get them to read the top tips on our keep safe under 18 page.
  • Make sure they know how to get help if they or one of their friends are in trouble.
  • Check that the accommodation they are staying in has signed up to our code of conduct
  • Make sure the accommodation knows their age - Accommodation providers have a duty of care for people who are under 18 staying in their premises.
  • Ask them to be responsible and keep safe.
  • Visit the Drinkaware website for more information and advise about alcohol.
  • Read our Coast Safe leaflet for more information and advise how to stay safe around water.
  • Don't become a Parent Dealer. Providing alcohol for your children aged under 18 to drink while on holiday without you is irresponsible and illegal. If your child is found with alcohol in Newquay we will confiscate it and if they are drunk or incapacitated through alcohol we will contact you to collect them.