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Keep safe on beaches

Newquay Safe top tips on how to keep safe while you enjoy yourself in Newquay on beaches.

  • Always bathe on a beach where there is a lifeguard on duty.
  • Always swim between the lifeguards yellow and red flags, which is where they are watching and patrolling.
  • Don't swim between the chequered flags, this area is for surfers. 
  • Never bathe when a red flag is flying, this means danger and even paddling can be dangerous.
  • Look out for the tide times that lifeguards put up on their boards, and be aware of when the tide is coming in and going out.
  • Never go off alone without letting someone know where you are going.
  • Don't jump into water, you don't know how deep it is or if there are any objects under the surface.
  • Don't take inflatable lilos, rafts or small boats into the water without a rope attached.
  • Look out for big waves, they can occur at any time without warning and sweep you into the sea.
  • Wear beach shoes and look out for weaver fish, they hide in the sand and if you step on them they can inject poison into your foot, which is excruciatingly painful.
  • Never mix alcohol with swimming or being near the water.
  • Check out our other top tips for a safe summer by the sea.
  • Read our Coast Safe leaflet for more advise on how to stay safe around water.
  • Don't climb or sit under cliffs, as they are very unstable and rocks can fall at any time.
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Newquay's coastline has very high cliffs, never jump or climb over a wall or railings; there may be a fatal drop the other side.

All the coastline within Newquay town centre area has a wall, fence or railings along it of at least 1.2m high (a highway standard). Anyone who chooses to climb over these barriers is at risk of falling down a cliff and being very seriously injured or worse still - killed.

The sea spray and dew makes the grass on clifftops very slippy even if the weather is dry.