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Chairman and Vice Chairman

The Role of the Chairman

The Chairman is elected by the Council each May and serves for 12 months.

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They are the civic and ceremonial head of the Authority and represent Cornwall Council at a variety of events and functions in a non-political role. The Chairman promotes the interest and the reputation of the Duchy acting as an ambassador for Cornwall.

The Chairman also presides over meetings of Full Council to ensure that its’ business is carried out fairly and efficiently and to ensure that the meeting is conducted in accordance with the Constitution. The Chairman promotes public involvement in the Council’s activities and promotes the Council’s corporate strategy.

  • Chairman, Councillor Hilary Frank
  • Vice Chairman, Councillor Mary May

The Civic Office welcomes invitations for the Chairman and Vice-Chairman. If you would like to invite them to an event please email

Alternatively telephone the Civic Office on 01872 322579 or write to

Civic Office
The Exchange
Cornwall Council
County Hall
Cornwall TR1 3AY

Please include details of your event including the date, venue and expected time of arrival.

Please say if there is something in particular you would like the Chairman to do, such as present certificates, make a speech or draw a raffle. 

It is helpful if someone can meet the Chairman on arrival. It would be very useful if a parking place can be reserved.