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Customer and Support Services Directorate

The Customer and Support Services directorate is headed by Tracie Langley, Chief Operating Officer and Section 151 Officer.

Our role is to transform public services and ensure that the Council is fit for purpose now and in the future. It is our responsibility to increase public confidence and trust in the Council through smarter ways of working and greater levels of transparency and accountability to residents.

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For our customers, we ensure transparency and effective communications. We engage with our residents and stakeholders to ensure they know what they need to know, when they need to know it. We invest in customer access and technology to ensure we deliver our services to customers in a way which suits them, increasing our ability to deliver digital services whilst interacting with our customers who need more support face to face.

For our Council, we ensure that support services, governance arrangements and systems and processes are effective and efficient. We also ensure that we manage our finances and legal obligations in compliance with rules and regulations. We provide support for project and organisational change management across the organisation. We also provide a commercial focus, coordinating trade and supplier management. We work closely with colleagues from Economic Growth and Development to ensure that the financial gap faced by Cornwall Council is reduced through Council tax growth and business rates.

Services in the Customer and Support Services directorate are:

  • Assurance service - including Democratic and Electoral Services, Coroners, Internal Audit, Risk, Governance and Legal Services
  • Customer and Business Operations - including Customer Experience and Improvement Services, Business Operations, Assessment, Billing and Collection
  • Finance and Commercial - including Procurement and Supply Management, Financial Planning and Insight embedding a commercial approach, Property and Assets, major projects, programme and project management, managing public finance initiatives and organisational development, strategic finance, pensions, insurance and treasury management as well as Chief Financial Officer and section 151 Office for Council of Isles of Scilly
  • Operations and Change - including Human Resources, Information Technology and Programmes and Change by supporting the council to deliver major transformation projects and change initiatives

 To find out more about the directorate's work, view the service plans.