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Voting in the 2019 General Election

Voters in Cornwall are being reminded about the process for voting as polling stations open on 12 December.

Cornwall Council has now sent out polling cards and is now making the final preparations to ensure that the election runs smoothly.

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Polling stations will open from 7am on 12 December and will close at 10pm. Following that the ballots will then be transported to four counting sites with the result declared early on Friday 13 December.

Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly’s Acting Returning Officer Kate Kennally said: “Your poll card will confirm your details on the electoral register and which polling station you can vote at. It will make it easier for polling staff to find your name on the electoral register if you take the poll card with you to the polling station although most electors can still vote without it, provided their name is on the register at the polling station.

“On arrival at your polling station, the presiding officer will ask you to state your name and address. They will then issue you with a ballot paper marked with the official imprint. You then take the ballot paper to one of the voting booths and mark an "X" in the box on the right hand side of the paper. This should be against the name of the candidate you wish to vote for. The maximum number of votes you are allowed is listed at the top of the ballot paper.”

Kate added: “If you make a mistake or spoil your paper, you can take it back to the presiding officer and ask for another. When you are happy with your vote, fold the ballot paper and put it into the ballot box.”

For anyone who has mislaid their polling card you can look up where your polling station is on the Where do I vote website. 

For anyone who has a postal vote and has not yet put it in the post they can drop it off at any polling station in their constituency on 12 December.

More information about this year’s General Election can be found on Cornwall Council’s website 

Story posted on 11 December