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Cornwall Council calls on Government for fairer funding ahead of Spending Review

Cornwall Council is joining forces with councils across the country to call on Government to address inequalities in funding for all residents ahead of the Spending Review this week.

Between 2010 and 2020, Cornwall Council will have lost almost 60p out of every £1 provided by the Government for services.

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This unprecedented loss of funding and an ongoing surge in demand for vital services - like protecting children and providing adult social care support and homelessness services - is putting a huge strain on local authorities across the county.

Despite this, the Council has continued to deliver for local communities, providing vital services for residents across Cornwall daily.

With local Government facing an overall funding gap of more than £5 billion in 2020-21 - including extra inflationary and demand pressures of £2.6 billion - the Spending Round needs to ensure councils have adequate funding to protect local services next year.

This is crucial to allow councils to continue to lead their local areas, improve residents’ lives, reduce demand for public services and save money for the taxpayer.

Leader of Cornwall Council Julian German said: “The next Spending Review will be make or break for vital local government services. With the right funding and powers, councils can continue to lead their local areas, improve residents’ lives, reduce demand for public services, and save money for the taxpayer.

“But if the Government fails to adequately fund local government, many local authorities will reach the point where they only have the funds to provide statutory responsibilities and it will be local communities and economies who will suffer the consequences.

Julian German, leader of Cornwall Council

He added: “We will continue to press the Government to ensure that Cornwall Council gets the funding that we need to protect and enhance services for our most vulnerable residents.”

Cllr Peter Fleming, Chairman of the LGA’s Improvement and Innovation Board, said: “Councils provide a huge variety of services, some of which our residents see every day, like rubbish collections and street cleaning, but many are less obvious - these services support the most vulnerable, businesses, the young and old and our communities at large.

“This is why they need this Spending Round to provide the vital funding to ensure they can continue to make a big difference locally and to the national economy and to the lives of our residents.” 


Story posted 3 September 2019