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How do you get yours at work?

As part of a campaign to get more people moving and doing physical activity, people in Cornwall are being asked: How do you get yours at work?

This is all part of the recently launched Cornwall Council public health campaign ‘How do you get yours?’ which aims to get people moving more and sitting less. By focussing on the workplace it acknowledges that people spend a lot of their lives at work and how including physical activity in the work day can benefit both the employer and the employee.

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As well as the obvious benefits of exercising more to both physical and mental health, according to the ‘Health, Work and Wellbeing Programme (2008) Working for a healthier tomorrow’ report, physical activity programmes at work have been found to reduce absenteeism by up to 20% and physically active workers take 27% fewer sick days.

The Healthy Workplace team offer in-house activity sessions for workplaces across Cornwall with a range of different sessions available including:

  • Postural assessment and correction workshop
  • Low impact circuit training
  • Stretch and flex sessions
  • Desk based exercise
  • Stress busting boxing
  • Core training workshop

Ben Harris is a fitness instructor who runs healthy workplace sessions across Cornwall, he said: “Any physical activity or exercise session will have a massive effect on stress reduction. I run sessions like stress-busting boxing which is really empowering, it lets people channel their tension and it helps reduce anxiety, anger and depression.”

Interim Deputy Director of Cornwall Council’s Public Health Steve Brown said: “We all spend a large proportion of our time at work and large group of us spend hours sat at our desks doing quite sedentary work so it’s really important to look at ways in which we can all be more active in the work place.

“Studies show that employees who can exercise at work are more productive, happy, efficient and calm. Exercise has been proven to re-energise staff, improve their concentration, boost problem-solving ability and reduce stress levels.”

The ‘How do you get yours?’ campaign is being led by Cornwall Council’s public health team and is all part of the Wellbeing and Public Health service Physical Activity strategy objective to get 50,000 more people to be more active by 2020.