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Safety tips for families experiencing domestic abuse during Covid-19

Safer Cornwall has launched a campaign to raise awareness of safety measures families can put in place if they are experiencing domestic abuse during the current lockdown.

The campaign aims to provide communities with brief and easy to follow tips on how to increase safety at home and reassure communities that vital services are still available to support adults and children.

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Laura Ball, Cornwall Council, Strategy Lead for Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence said: “We know that under the current physical distancing/isolating requirements there is a substantial risk that people are living in a much more pressured environment with their abusers. We are doing everything we can to provide people with information on how they can increase their safety, whether they decide to leave their abuser or not.’

The campaign will be launched on digital media, the Safer Cornwall website, and a number of videos have been posted to Cornwall Council’s social media channels. The campaign provides examples of safety plans, along with safety apps that are available, information for staying safe at home, and what to do if risk escalates.

Rob Nolan, Portfolio Holder for Environment and Public Protection, said: “We know that domestic abuse and sexual violence are very complicated issues and there is no easy fix. We want to provide some brief and easy to follow tips on how safety can be increased at home and highlight that services are still available if people need to reach out for support.”

The campaign features key safety tips posted on social media and on the Safer Cornwall website. Safer Cornwall will continue to raise awareness through this campaign so residents can continue to access the help and support they need.

  • You can leave your house to access support and safety
  • If you are in immediate danger call 999
  • Tell someone you trust and create a safety net around you
  • If safe, have a ‘Get up and go bag’ hidden if you need to escape quickly, with all of your essential items
  • Have a safe room in the house you can escape to and alert your neighbours

Safer Cornwall is also supporting the National Domestic Abuse Campaign which launched on 11 April, and highlights that if anyone is at risk of, or experiencing, domestic abuse, they are still able to leave and seek refuge. The campaign hashtag #YouAreNotAlone aims to bring together those affected by domestic abuse and reassure victims that there is support available.

If you need help services are still available. If you are in immediate danger, please call 999. The police are still responding to domestic abuse as a priority during this time.

If you, or someone you know, are affected by domestic abuse or sexual violence please contact:

Cornwall’s Domestic Abuse Service

Tel: 0300 777 4777

To make a referral please go to: 

Cornwall Refuge Trust

Alternatively, you can also access refuge and support via Cornwall Refuge Trust:

Tel: 01872 225629 (24 hour Helpline)