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Careers advice for students getting their GCSE results

Cornwall Council is reassuring young people that expert help and advice is available for anyone getting their GCSE results today.

Over five thousand young people in Cornwall will join more than half a million across the country in receiving their grades after a turbulent year, and with national headlines adding to their concerns over results.

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There are lots of myths and misconceptions about how these results are calculated and what the term ‘Centre Assessed Grade’ means. Cabinet Member for Children, Health and Well Being Sally Hawken said: “There has been a lot of rigorous work going on behind the scenes to make sure these grades are as fair as possible for our young people, and the change to Centre Assessed Grades is welcome news for students.

“Schools assess, moderate and predict the results of young people every year – not just this year.  This normally involves teachers, senior leaders and the head teacher, all of whom understand the capabilities of their students and can accurately project how well they will do.

“I think it’s important to highlight this system that schools have in place, because there are myths of students getting downgraded if they didn’t get on with a particular teacher, which is just not true.”

The government moved to centre assessed grades (CAG) after issues with A-levels last week, which forced a move away from the algorithm implemented by Ofqual.  For GCSE results the algorithm will still be used, but it will only be possible to see results moved up, to meet national standardisation.

David Barton, Executive Officer of the Cornwall Association of Secondary Headteachers said: “All schools have followed a rigorous standardisation process following strict guidelines laid down by the government and the examination boards, and all the grades were then sent to Ofqual by June 12. Students and parents can be confident that the results within each school have been properly and thoroughly moderated.

“It’s widely acknowledged that the unfairness and inequalities seen last week with A level results were far more damaging to individual students and that couldn’t be allowed to happen again. I think that given the circumstances the government has now taken the right step in reverting to Centre Assessed Grades.

“Every headteacher is able to fully explain their own school’s assessment processes and how students’ grades were reached. Last week, many were left completely in the dark as to how some grades had been determined.”  

There are a range of resources available for young people to help with their next steps, where they can find advice or information on career paths. These resources include the Cornwall Careers Hub.

Councillor Hawken said: “The term unprecedented has been used a lot during this pandemic, but I think it is the only word suitable to describe the situation these young people find themselves in. It’s a big day for all of them and I want to wish all the children in Cornwall collecting their results good luck and thank all the teachers and school leaders for their work in securing the centre assessed grades that students will receive”.