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Residents invited to have their say on plans for cycle routes, parks, gardens and more

Residents in Camborne, Pool, Illogan and Redruth (CPIR) are being urged to have their say on plans to invest in ‘green infrastructure’ in the area. 

Cornwall Council has prepared what is known as a Green Infrastructure Strategy for the CPIR area and a consultation period will begin shortly to give people living there a chance to give their views on it. 

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The strategy aims to support and invest in infrastructure that promotes reduced car use and increased activity levels among residents, in turn helping to promote a sense of community and connect people more with nature. 

‘Green infrastructure’ is the name given to a network of green spaces and the links between them within towns, villages and the countryside, with the aim of helping people to move around without the need to use a car. 

The links connect where we live to other parts of an urban area and then to the countryside and coast. 

The strategy for the CPIR area identifies what links are already in existence, sets out how these could be improved and looks at where new links are needed to help create a wider interlocking network. 

The areas looked at include cycle routes, urban green spaces, parks and play areas, sports and leisure facilities, youth provision, allotments and community gardens, churchyards and natural green spaces. 

Tim Dwelly, the Council’s Portfolio Holder for Culture, Economy and Planning, said: “Green infrastructure not only looks at the green areas, it also includes rivers, waterways, lakes and beaches. 

“Over the past year, during the Covid-19 pandemic, these connections have never been so important. In the CPIR area they allow us to access the countryside and help us reconnect with nature.” 

The strategy sets out a number of priorities for green infrastructure in the CPIR area for the next nine years. 

Developed through a series of working group meetings, which involved stakeholders from across the area, it identifies projects that offer most value to communities, so that when funding is available it can be made best use of. 

Ian Thomas, Cornwall Council member for Redruth South, who chaired many of the working group meetings, said: “Providing the community with a functioning network of links throughout the CPIR area and beyond is so important. 

“If this strategy allows us to improve a neglected green space or create a new link joining up two existing routes, then that’s got to be a positive thing. 

“There has to be a real alternative to leaving your car behind and travelling by foot or bicycle. It’s better for us, it’s better for the planet. 

“Whether it’s a short circular walk for exercise, some play time for children or a visit to a destination further afield, an enhanced green infrastructure offers that. 

“It also provides communities with a tangible link to nature. Sowing the seeds now will ensure a greener future for our children and their children’s children.” 

The consultation, which will be online due to Covid-19 restrictions, will start on February 10 and last for six weeks.  

Residents can have their say on the Let’s Talk Cornwall website until March 23.  

Anyone without internet access can call 0300 1234 151 for assistance. 

Story created on 8 February 2021