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The Communications Team

Cornwall Council’s communications unit works to improve and co-ordinate internal and external information and communications.

Communications Team

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News about the Council’s initiatives and services reaches the public in a wide variety of ways. The communications team plays a key part in making sure correct, up to date and relevant Council information is made available to the people of Cornwall and to Council staff.  This is done using a range of communication channels to make information accessible and interesting to different audiences. Examples are:

  • media releases, broadcast interviews, journalist briefings
  • brand management - making sure that Council services and property are clearly branded in the corporate style so that people can easily see who is responsible for those services  
  • service information leaflets and brochures
  • website and webcasting
  • social media
  • film and animation
  • intranet
  • Internal communications including staff newsletter and briefings

The communications team supports all Council services to develop good communications plans for specific issues and to provide service information and literature in plain, clear language using good design and within the Council's overall branding guidelines.  

Members of the team are also involved in the developing the Council's approach to consultation and engagement to make sure that local people have an opportunity to influence decision making, that it is clear to people how they can give their views and that we clearly show how those views have been taken into account.   

The team also provides advice and guidance to Council staff, elected members and schools on media and public relations.

In civil emergencies, the communications team has a key role to play in supporting the Council's emergency management team in issuing updates for the public and the media and giving guidance on crisis communications.

How the Council responds to media enquiries will vary depending on the type of enquiry. This can include :

  • Face to face briefings / interviews with key council spokespeople
  • Written responses in the form of media releases and direct comments
  • General information and commentary via the telephone, email and corporate promotional material

To ensure a consistent response, all media enquiries will be handled by the communications team in conjunction with the relevant Council directorates.

All Council media releases are available on the website.

Cornwall Council has also adopted a Broadcast Code which allows the filming of all public meetings, and also covers Tweeting, blogging or recording, subject to a number of broadcast code principles.