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7 Signs you might be drinking too much

Have you ever wondered if drinking is having a negative impact on your life?

Do you think that it could be making you feel tired, fed up or just making you feel a bit down? 

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If you're concerned about your drinking and want to check you’re still under control, why not or visit the Healthy Cornwall website to download the Drinks Meter App?

In the meantime, here are 7 signs that you might want to reassess how much you are drinking.


  1. Have you ever seen a photo of yourself online after you’ve been drinking, and felt embarrassed? That might be a cue to ask if you’re drinking too much. Could it be possible that this sensation is just a bit of a warning, and that perhaps you could think about cutting down? To avoid that feeling, why not keep away from situations that lead to excessive drinking. Or you could try setting yourself limits, which is where the Drinks Meter App might come in helpful. Or perhaps reward yourself with something more desirable than a beer. Saving that money over a period of time could mean you have enough cash for that car or holiday!
  2. Do you ever struggle to remember what happened last night? If not, maybe you went too far? Sure, sometimes that kind of thing can seem kind of funny, but it all adds up to affect your long term health. It must be possible to have fun without drinking to that level, and your body and mind will thank you in the long run.
  3. Making plans for the week? Do most of them involve a drink at some point or other?Maybe it’s time to find other forms of entertainment to enjoy, maybe a sport or club. Why not go to places which don’t involve drinking?You could go to a gym and  take a run on a treadmill, or maybe play football rather than just watching with a pint.
  4. Getting in fights and dangerous situations is pretty serious, and this is far more likely if you’ve had a few. A bit of ‘Dutch Courage’ may seem ok to start with, but you won’t do yourself or your friends any favours if you end up in A&E or talking to The Police. Again, know your limits and stick to them, which is where the App might be helpful.
  5. Is there always a four pack in the fridge? If so, could that be your comfort blanket in case work’s been too stressful or life throws you a curveball. If you need no excuse to crack open an ale then you might have a bit of an over reliance on alcohol, but unfortunately that’s not a solution or sensible coping mechanism. Why not talk to a friend to work out how to deal with what’s actually causing that stress, rather than masking it with a lager in front of the TV?
  6. 'You’re good at drinking’ as a passing comment from a mate really shouldn’t be taken as a compliment! Could that actually be a bit of a clue that you might be drinking too much? It’s just that others tend to notice this before we do ourselves, so make sure you are listening and take stock of those comments. Perhaps you could be thinking about how much that particular person drinks and learning from them. There really isn’t any such thing as being ‘good’ at drinking, so if you can put away a few without noticing, again that’s where the App might be helpful.
  7. If you yourself think you might be drinking too much then you’re probably right! Your own underlying feelings of remorse and guilt could be your brain sending out a warning. Grab a mate or your other half and have a chat about it, you might be surprised how easy it is. The App would help you to assess your drinking pattern.

There really isn’t an alcohol intake level that is considered to be ‘safe’, just ‘low risk’, but those who drink at a low level and within the recommended 14 units per week are far less likely to suffer serious health complications.

That’s equivalent to 5 average strength pints of beer/cider, 6 medium glasses of wine, or 7 double shots. 

So it’s worth considering that just a pint a night in front of the TV takes you over that, or that just three pints have the same calories as two cheeseburgers!


If you have concerns or think you might be drinking too much then you can download the Drinks Meter app to learn more and track your alcohol intake.

It might surprise you and change your life for the better, perhaps as well as those around you.