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Blog - Staying safe in the sun

With the sunshine finally reappearing across Cornwall (we hope we haven’t just cursed it), we thought it was important to remind you of the best ways to stay safe in the sun.

Unprotected exposure to the sun can increase the risk of skin cancer and as Cornwall has a higher than average rate of people who get skin cancer we’d like to try and bring that down by offering some simple advice.

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 While it’s important to avoid getting sunburnt, there’s several other things we’d like you to consider too: 

  1. Wearing sunscreen isn’t enough on its own, even if you use factor 50. If you’re spending prolonged periods of time in the sun you should cover up too with a hat/cap and long sleeved loose clothing. Getting sunburnt just twice in your life can increase your risk of skin cancer considerably. 
  2. Keeping hydrated is also important. On a normal day you should aim to drink six to eight glasses of fluids which aren’t sugary or alcoholic. If you’re out in the sunshine we’d recommend you try  to increase that amount. Being dehydrated can mean that your decision making is affected, you can’t concentrate and may trick your body into thinking it’s hungry when you’re not.
  3. Try to keep out of the sun if you can when it’s at its strongest, usually between 11am and 3pm, but if you can’t avoid it then wear loose clothing and drink more fluids.
  4. If you are out enjoying one of Cornwall’s beautiful beaches then please only swim if there are lifeguards on duty and between the red and yellow flags. If you do decide to have an alcoholic drink or two on the beach, then please respect the water and don’t go in! Alcohol and the sea don’t go well together. 

For information on satying safe on Cornwall's beaches there's plenty of information on the Beachwise website

Cancer Reasearch has some great information on their website about sun and skin safety including celbrating your own skin tone, information about sunbeds and how to know if you're at risk of sunburn.

Dr Ruth Goldstein is a Public Health Consultant for Cornwall Council who fully supports the science behind vaccinations. She was also a community pharmacist for 25 years and saw many people who were suffering unnecessarily ill health because they didn’t have their vaccinations. Dr Goldstein firmly believes there is no reason why people shouldn’t have their age appropriate free vaccinations, and we all have a responsibility to look after our and our family and friend’s health… so please help us to spread the word!